Proudly Serving The Piedmont Triad

GCI Turf Services has been serving the Piedmont Triad for 12 years strong. We offer full-service grounds maintenance to both residential and commercial properties. We can also serve those of you who prefer to cut your own grass with our We Grow You Mow fertilization/weed control service. Please contact us today for a free quote and consultation.

Services We Offer

Maintenance Services

Every home needs a solid foundation and the same is true about your lawn. We focus from the roots up, because true high quality lawn care maintenance and service runs deeper than the surface.

We Grow You Mow

We Grow You Mow was designed to give the mowing home owner or landscaper the lawn they’ve always wanted. Our standard 7 step program includes all the nutrients and broad leaf weed control your lawn requires.

Compost Top Dressing

We are one of the few landscape companies in the Triad that are equipped to offer this service with effectiveness. Compost topdressing is when a layer of pure organic compost is spread over top of an area.

Snow Removal

Boss snow plows are our choice for efficiency. We are equipped to handle all your plowing and pre/post salting needs to insure your safety.